And to the brink I will rise Rise You wanna be on top you'd better stay on top Fight the wake keep your distance Loss of everything beat your face in Nine to five keep your distance You, you keep away from me You keep away from their ingenuity Never gonna get what you want Unless you stay dedicated You ain't never gonna be the gleam That keeps us all together Strength from within Regulate and Isolate Break yourself make mistakes Rearrange and learn from what you've done Reinstate, Copulate loss of fate be yourself To you want tell yourself you'll be what you want to be Sometimes the violence gets to me Makes me so sick I can't even see I will prevail Good times followed by the hard times And the good shall return and this I do swear Though my eyes I have seen your o.k. Through suffocation, dedication I will rise Through the heartbreak through the sorrow Let it pass by till tomorrow Yes the city breathes still you run Harm yourself from yourself Still we crawl on this wall Faces pale afraid to fall As we plunder as we plummet We learn a lesson that lasts forever No more compromise

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